Blast Brigade enters Early Access

I’ve just seen an interesting little bit of news involving a new Metroidvania-style action game that’s coming to our screens next year. It’s always great to see devs using Early Access as a means to perfect a title and generally means that they really want the input of the players that will be consuming their … Read more

REVIEW / Project Winter (Switch)

It’s easy to see how the popular game, memed as Amogus, has a ton of similarities to Project Winter, a game recently ported over to the Switch. It is a social deception game after all, in which the premise is that there are enemies among the team who are intent on sabotage, and one of … Read more

Hoplegs to bounce onto PC and Switch

There is a section in the endless library of gaming titles that should be filed simply as “bonkers.” These are the games that run into left field and just keep going. Some of these titles are also among my favorite things to play because I don’t always want to be doing something serious. Falling into … Read more

REVIEW / Embr (PC) – That VideoGame Blog

If your house was on fire would you throw your grannie out of the window? No? Well actually, no, me either, actually. I’d let someone trained for the task do it for me. In the game I’m currently playing, however, window-tossing is a brilliant way of getting people out of danger. Even better you don’t … Read more

REVIEW / Unbound: Worlds Apart (PC)

The platform genre isn’t my genre. I don’t dislike the games that fall into this particular category, I’m just really bad at them. One thing that never fails to amaze me though, and the reason I keep coming back and sucking at new titles time and again, is the level of creative genius that goes … Read more

Wildcat Gun Machine shows its claws!

Dungeon-crawling bullet-hell! No, I’m not just plucking random words out of thin air. Here we have two of my favorite genres smooshed together into one great big lovely ball of pain. As we all know I’m a complete masochist when it comes to games that are violent, deadly, and really difficult. When the bullets, and … Read more

REVIEW / Glyph (PC) – That VideoGame Blog

Did you ever find yourself playing Metroid Prime and wish you could spend more time controlling the morph ball in 3D space? Honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts of that game. And clearly, it’s a favorite for the developers of Glyph. What starts off looking like a simple Super Monkey Ball clone actually has … Read more

REVIEW / Ambition: A Minuet in Power (PC)

Most visual novels that I’ve played were straightforward: read, make a choice here and there, read, proceed with the consequences of those choices, read, and then get to the ending. However, Ambition: A Minuet in Power throws a lot of gameplay elements found in role-playing games to create a very refreshing entry in the genre. … Read more

REVIEW / The Wardrobe: Even Better Edition (Switch)

Well, it’s better late than never here at That VideoGame Blog, because this is a review of The Wardrobe: Even Better Edition for the Switch. The point-and-click adventure game is a homage to the good ol’ days of the genre, using a hand-drawn art style. The original edition of the game was launched in 2017, … Read more