Review: Monopoly Madness – Destructoid

I thought we were friends! Video game adaptations of classic board games can be pretty hit-or-miss depending on who ponied up for the license. Without naming names, I’ve been burned before. Every so often, there’s a particularly thoughtful version, or perhaps a more out-there rendition, and there’s unexpected fun to be had. I had no … Read more

Innocence demo now available on PC via cloud

Rats to That This past weekend, publisher Focus Entertainment offered up the first gameplay footage of its incoming next-gen sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem. If the grim-looking footage piqued your whiskers, but you still aren’t sure whether the franchise is for you, then you’re in luck, as Team Asobo is offering up a time-limited demo … Read more

Halo Infinite has some fantastic voice lines for its poor, poor Grunts

It’s a living I’ve long held that Halo is, oftentimes, hilarious. If you get Gravity Hammered, your Spartan doesn’t just roll over and die; they go flying across the level in ragdoll fashion. Through Mongoose crashes, long-distance fusion coil lobs, and bizarre explosions, Halo has laughs. And on the campaign side, that shines through in the … Read more