New Legendary Apex Legends Skin Is Causing Crashes

The latest Apex Legends skin is causing the game to crash when players try to use it. Respawn Entertainment confirmed in a tweet that using the new Mil-Spec Bangalore skin will cause the game to crash during the character selection screen if Bangalore is selected while the skin is equipped.

Respawn has said that it is working on a fix for this issue, but players who experience this crash can boot the game back up and reconnect to their matches without issue. An Apex Legends developer also confirmed that this issue affects teammates as well, so all squad members will experience the crash if someone picks Bangalore with the skin equipped.

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Bangalore’s new skin is available in a special Gridiron Store for the next week, featuring some different cosmetics for the legend. The sale of these items coincides with a new cinematic lore video released by Respawn Entertainment titled “Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron” which tells Bangalore’s backstory about being attacked by a mysterious pilot before finding herself in a new place with her brother.

Bangalore's legendary Mil-Spec
Bangalore’s legendary Mil-Spec

For those who want to pick up the skin, the legendary Mil-Spec Bangalore skin can be purchased by itself for 1,800 Apex Coins (roughly $18 USD) or in the Gridiron bundle for 4,350 Apex Coins, which also includes a legendary banner, emote, and skydive emote. If you do pick it up, hold off on using it until Respawn confirms a fix has been implemented.

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