PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-to-Play Review – 2022

It’s been nearly five whole years since the pioneering PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first appeared on Steam and popularized the idea of pitting 100 players against each other until only the best (or last) among them survives. Since then, the original battle royale has been locked in a fight for relevance against the many games it inspired, … Read more

Let’s break down Dawn of the Monsters kaiju kombat – Destructoid

Godzilla never parried enough As you might recall, Destructoid previously reported on a brand new city-stomping brawler, Dawn of the Monsters, which sees a roster of awesome kaijus throwing down on both each other and some pretty unlucky cityscapes. While work continues on this earth-shaking fighter, publisher WayForward has been rad enough to offer Destructoid … Read more