REVIEW / The Ascent (PC)

This probably doesn’t say a lot for my personality, but I love dystopian settings in games. There’s something comforting about knowing that your life is utter crap right from the get go. There are literally only two ways you can go from that point. Either things get better (or at least fractionally less rubbish) or … Read more

The Big Con makes crime pay!

Crime probably shouldn’t be fun … unless, of course, you’re a criminal, in which case whatever floats your boat. Now, how about we take criminal shenanigans and set it all to a really colorful ’90s comic backdrop? I reckon that sounds like a lot more fun, and being a child of the ’90s does that … Read more

Minecraft Armor Stand Recipe in 2022

This post was last updated on January 1, 2022 The armor stands in Minecraft is an item that allows you to create a mannequin of any character in the game. The crafting recipe to build an armor stand is quite simple, but it requires some materials and a few minutes of your time. We have … Read more

Embr is preparing to ignite!

There’s nothing better than manic, multiplayer fun. When you’re in the mood to sit down with a bunch of your mates and just do something a bit silly this is a brilliant way to go. If slightly zany antics are your thing then you might well want to get your mitts on Embr, a title … Read more

PREVIEW / Black Skylands (PC)

The 90s, for me at least, felt like a decade of awesome RPGs. Nintendo lovers who hadn’t played Zelda: A Link to the Past were either living under a rock or weren’t really Nintendo fans. Not to say there weren’t some absolutely brilliant offerings for us Sega owners, too; Shining in the Darkness is still … Read more

All Bat Pokémon [2021 Complete List]

This post was last updated on December 1, 2021 There are caves abound in every region of the Pokémon franchise, and generally, among others, a bat-like Pokémon will be one of the most frequent encounters therein. A bat uses ultrasonic waves, bounced off of walls, to help them move around, so it is not surprising … Read more