REVIEW / Project Winter (Switch)

It’s easy to see how the popular game, memed as Amogus, has a ton of similarities to Project Winter, a game recently ported over to the Switch. It is a social deception game after all, in which the premise is that there are enemies among the team who are intent on sabotage, and one of … Read more

REVIEW / Glyph (PC) – That VideoGame Blog

Did you ever find yourself playing Metroid Prime and wish you could spend more time controlling the morph ball in 3D space? Honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts of that game. And clearly, it’s a favorite for the developers of Glyph. What starts off looking like a simple Super Monkey Ball clone actually has … Read more

REVIEW / DariusBurst: Another Chronicle EX+ (PS4)

The shoot-em-up genre, or shmups as they are colloquially known, has been a staple of video games for as long as I can remember and I have been playing video games for a long time. While they don’t garner the same attention as they once did, there are a few titles out there that fans … Read more

PREVIEW / Disciples: Liberation (PC)

It’s been almost 12 years since the last entry in the Disciples series when Disciples III: Renaissance launched on PC in 2009 (or 2010 in Europe and the US). Developed by Firma Studio, Disciples: Liberation aims to reignite the beloved series and will be bringing it to the console for the first time since the … Read more


There’s a lot to be said about a solid atmosphere in a game. Worldbuilding through exploration is a concept that ironically feels like it’s not explored enough these days. Luckily, the indie scene is full of developers with heart, passion, and a willingness to explore as we find out with puzzle-adventure title All in all. … Read more

TEAM PREVIEW / Entity Researchers (PC)

In my humble opinion the term, “retro” is starting to lose some of its meaning. Anything and everything that uses 8 or 16-bit graphics is “retro,”  and the fact that some of these games use very modern concepts gets completely lost in translation. As I’m becoming a bit of a gaming Methuselah, I remember when … Read more