Ghost of Tsushima has smashed eight million sales – Destructoid

Director’s Cut encourages fresh sales spike During its CES 2022 conference, Sony noted that Sucker Punch’s excellent samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima has surpassed eight million total sales since its release in the summer of 2020. While the stoic adventure title had already won over a passionate and dedicated audience during its launch period — … Read more

SCARF wraps us up warm for winter

Contrary to popular opinion, every videogame out there doesn’t need to be a montage of violence, blood, guts, and gore. Sometimes it’s nice to get involved in a story that isn’t dripping with entrails and just do something a bit more wholesome. This is where today’s puzzle platformer comes into play. The game is SCARF … Read more

Yomawari 3 coming to put the willies up you – Destructoid

Alone in the Dark Nippon Ichi Software, always up for a good haunt jaunt, has released a new gameplay trailer for its spooky-looking sequel Yomawari 3, which will launch in Japan in April 2022 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The curiously creepy clip sees our hero, an apparently nameless young girl, exploring her desolate hometown … Read more

MYSTERY REVIEW / Seed of Life (PC)

If you take Skyrim and merge that with Alien or War of the Worlds, you’ll end up with Seed of Life, an action-adventure puzzle platformer created by MadLight studio. At first glance, I thought this game would feel more like Skyrim with the medieval-inspired costumes and the semi-open world gameplay, but I was mistaken. I … Read more