REVIEW / A Gummy’s Life (PC)

Sometimes it’s easy to judge a game by its cover, or at least by its trailer. While the name suggests some sort of story or adventure, A Gummy’s Life is a party/3D fighting game featuring ragdolling characters. It would be easy to write it off as a clone of Gang Beasts and be done. But … Read more

Review: Halo Infinite – Destructoid

It’s nice to have the Chief back So I’ve talked about my extensive history with Halo already in our Halo Infinite multiplayer review. This is the first major Halo game in six years, let’s get right into it! Halo Infinite (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S [reviewed on an Xbox Series X])Developer: 343 IndustriesPublisher: MicrosoftReleased: … Read more

Steelrising trailer introduces us to the sublime Aegis, The Angel of Death

Murder on the Dancefloor As a part of last night’s Game Awards festivities, publisher Nacon offered up a new cinematic trailer for its automated take on the French Revolution, Steelrising, currently in development for a summer 2022 release on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. The cinematic gives a little more backstory for the action-RPG’s … Read more

Requiem gameplay sees the De Runes on a grander stage

Rat’s in the Cradle As a part of last night’s Game Awards, publisher Focus Entertainment and Team Asobo released the first gameplay footage of their grim-looking sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem — the dark, sullen follow-up to 2019’s evocative stealth escapade A Plague Tale: Innocence. Still on the run from The Inquisition and a terrifying … Read more